Custom portraits

Bobo - Guardian of Cool, 2022.

*Danny Boy *, 2018.

Trigger Happy, 2017.

Love Sally, 2017.

Spicy Italian, 2009.

Reminiscing (A Tribute To Gerald Goulette, aka Al), 2009.

Hootie, 2009.

Dream Date, 2009.

I Like Things Like They Used To Be, 2010. (The old Bekins Warehouse / Pierce Moving & Storage Warehouse - now the United Center, Sioux City, IA.)

Lengendary (A Tribute To Jim Bowers), 2009.

Soul of Sioux City (A Tribute to Gerald Goulette, aka Al), 2008.


Using any photograph or digital image, a one-of-a-kind custom original art portrait can be created for you to keep or to give as a gift. The portrait combines an original painted wood panel completed to your specifications (design, color, size, finish) with a Xerox/digital print overlay. Both the print and overall painting can be made to your size specifications. Price depends on size, print(s) to be used, and complexity of the painting, and is determined before I begin. A general timeframe for completion ranges from one to several months, with an average of approximately six weeks.